Select the month or the color for your ring. If you are making a birthstone or Mother’s Ring, we suggest you look first at the available colors for each month. If you are more interested in designing a set that you can wear with a variety of outfits, you might want to begin by selecting colors you love or wear most often.

Karthia's rings were designed to nest perfectly and make a strong visual impact in color and shape. Remember, each set is dynamic; the collection of rings in your set can be rearranged at each wearing. Add new spacers, stone colors, and shapes to your set and increase your possibilities.

Each ring in the round series is available in different shapes (round, rectangular baguettes, squares, triangles) and stones. 


January, Garnet
February, Amethyst
March, Aquamarine (Blue Topaz)
April, Diamon (Cubic Zirconia)
May, Emerald (synthetic)
June, Moonstone
July, Ruby (Ruby Corundum)
August, Peridot
September, Sapphire (Corundum)
October, Pink Tourmaline or Opal
November, Citrine
December, Blue Zircon